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Visual Field Reading Center

Welcome to the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics Visual Field Reading Center (UIHC VFRC). The UIHC VFRC was established in 2008 by Dr. Chris A. Johnson and Dr. Michael Wall. These faculty members bring over 60 years worth of Ophthalmologic and Perimetric knowledge and over 25 years of experience successfully operating Visual Field Reading Centers.

The VFRC has retained Bio::Neos, an informatics and software development group, for the past six years, to design, implement and maintain a secure web site and database management system. In this manner, the VFRC is able to provide a paperless means of allowing Clinical Centers to transmit data securely over the internet and to communicate and transmit information to Data Coordinating Centers. In addition, in our fully automated electronic reading center, readers enter their analysis of reliability, visual field change over time and visual field grading according to protocol.